Vickie Blackson


I have been married to my husband Mike since Aug. 1973. We have a son and a daughter and one granddaughter. She is my joy.

My first missions trip was to Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine in Aug. 2012. I spent a week at a summer camp where orphans were sponsored, some by my church. The day before we left Dnipropetrovsk we visited an orphanage that included infants with special needs. I came home knowing missions would be a part of my life even though I was not interested in going to the summer camp again.

The following summer I went back to Ukraine and spent a week living in an orphanage. On the way to the airport we stopped at a special needs orphanage. i met a teen age girl that touched my heart deeply.

The following year I went back again to Ukraine, this time I spent the time in the special needs orphanage and realized this was my passion.

In many places outside the United States children with physical and/or developmental handicaps are considered “throw aways”, not of any value to society. I want to do what I can to change that by showing the love of my Savior Jesus Christ to the orphans and to the staff.

George Pasteur

George Pasteur


George Pasteur is the co-founder of Every Child is Worthy Ministries, a non-profit that ministers to orphans and vulnerable children with disabilities around the world by meeting physical, spiritual, emotional and educational needs. George’s journey began in 2000 with his first mission trip to Romania working within the state run orphanages finding ways to help staff members better care for the infants and children with disabilities. Over the past 17 years, he has served in various countries to include Guatemala, Morocco, Ukraine and Zambia. His experience includes working in private practice with children and adults with disabilities in the hospital, home health care, assisted living facilities, and Day Programs.  George holds a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, a Masters in Aging Services, a Bachelors in Business Management and has been practicing for 21 years. He lives in Westminster, Maryland with his wife Kris and four children.


Jan Evangelist

Development Director

I’m Jan Evangelist: wife of John for 27 years, mother of three (Ben – 22, Jake – 19, Gina – 15).  I retired from the federal government 20 years ago, where I designed, developed and implemented computer software.  Once retired, John and I adopted two children from Korea and 14 years ago I started homeschooling.  With my younger son graduating this year and my daughter in private school, a new season of life is starting.

As I prayed about how God wanted to use me to serve Him, ECW kept coming up in my mind and heart.  Having adopted two children myself, one with physical special needs, orphans cause my heart to ache.  My son was born with cleft lip and palate and would probably not survived life in an orphanage.  That realization made what ECW does very personal.  It wasn’t until I met with Vickie and George did we realize that God could use my skills as a software developer to help this ministry.

Jeff Colbert

Jeff Colbert

ECW Chaplain

In late 2009, I was going through a rough time in my life; I didn’t belong to a church and wasn’t even looking for one to go to. That’s when I met my wife, Shirley Santilhano-Colbert. She sent me on a men’s retreat that changed my life, which led me down a road that I never thought I would go. That weekend brought me to God and to the acceptance that Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior.
I have now done things and will be doing things to serve our Lord and Savior that I never imagined that I would be doing. I have met some of the most wonderful and Godly people that I have ever known along the way.
One of the places that I have served is a prison ministry called Kairos International, we go inside the prisons to help men understand about a relationship with God. I have also served as a Spiritual Director with Kairos Torch a youth version of that same Ministry.
With the support of my wife and close friends, I felt a calling to do more, so I went to school and I became a Licensed and Ordained Chaplain, and I am currently working and studying to go in to the United Methodist Church as a Pastor. Along this path I have been stretched and have performed a wedding ceremony, preached in front of congregations, and served on many men’s retreat weekends.
With all that said, God laid it upon my heart to work and serve with ECW. This organization does wonderful things for children with disabilities in different parts of the world. As a father of four, two girls and two boys, and a grandfather to three boys, to me there is no better place to serve, than serving the children of the world who are in the most need of help.
Jesus loved all of the children of the world. We should all follow that example and do the same.

Vickie Mattingly

Vickie Mattingly


I am a Mom of two adult children and Grandmother to three grandchildren, I believe grandchildren are one of the best blessings one can experience.

I’ve gone on many missions, but one of my most memorable mission experiences was a trip with a group of young adults to Ethiopia in 2014.  The Lord used my journey as a new widow and yes, an orphan, because 5 months before my husband passed away, in February of 2013, I lost my Mom too.  In the poorest section of Addis Ababa I was able to reach out to the women in Korah.  Korah is a landfill where the poorest of the poor, the leper, the orphans, and the widows live.  I believe I was able to connect so closely to these women because of my new station in life.  I saw unbelievable suffering but also, saw a deep faith in Jesus.

The Lord has given me a “mission minded” heart, so when I was asked to help support ECW Ministries by joining the Board, I jumped.  I was comfortable helping in the background, but the Lord reminded me that it was time to “step out of the boat onto the water.”

I look forward to praying and supporting this ministry.