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Welcome to the brand new ECW ministries website. We partnered with Westminster, MD native, Justin Willet (www.justinwillet.com), to create a user friend site that best explains the mission of Every Child is Worthy Ministries. We hope you find this responsive website easy to use, informative and inspiring.

Here’s a little bit more about our organization:

The Vision:

We envision self-sustaining, indigenous support for orphans and children with disabilities through outreach, restoration, and the message of Jesus Christ.

About Us:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 15 percent of the world, an estimated 1 billion people, live with disabilities. According to the World Bank, 20 percent of the world’s poorest people have some kind of disability. Children with disabilities are often unable to access their community, go to church, or receive any specialized care. In their communities, families of children with disabilities often become stigmatized, experience discrimination and become marginalized. The caregivers are mostly women. Because there is limited community-based support and care available, families may have no choice but to give up children with disabilities and be forced unnecessarily into institutions. This form of “shame” keeps families hidden within the shadows of their communities and limits the opportunities for them to hear the Gospel and the amazing love of Jesus.

ECW understands that families, who bear the weight of the daily pressures of disability, need to find encouragement, support, and a place to relax. In addition, they need to be loved and encouraged to continue in God’s strength and appreciate their unique gifts.

Our goal is to utilize exisiting tools to provide best practice, cultural competence and evangelism within the contex of working with the local church and NGO’s to create movements that ensure that people with disabilities and their families be granted equality, access and the opportunity to find and follow Jesus. We fully believe that this unique method of support empowers the local Church and ministry partners to be active, not passive, participants in the ministering of their own community. This can increase the long term sustainability of projects by ensuring that policies, attitudes and behaviors are designed for success. Our proposed method, with an emphasis on training and capacity building, allows trainees and our local ministry partners to share the gospel creating an environment for long term ministry and promote inclusion in their society.

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