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2016 Ukraine Update

The trip we took to the special needs orphanage in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, in May 2016, showed us many needs there. The infrastructure in Dnipropetrovsk does not accommodate individuals that are physically disabled. Orphans are stigmatized because of being orphans, but orphans with disabilities are more so. The organization we partner with, Alpha & Omega is working to help change that way of thinking. With our spiritual and financial help they will be able to do more.

While there we were able to attend an art exhibition that included artwork of the orphans from the special needs orphanage. The orphans that had artwork at the exhibition were able to attend, with the help of many from Alpha & Omega. What we saw could only come from the work of the Holy Spirit. Many attendees from the public were completely surprised by what they saw when speaking with the orphans and viewing their artwork. This is the goal… to show that these precious children that are created in the image of God have value.

Together Painting
This painting was created by several of the orphans that had entered separate paintings in the art exhibition that ECW was able to attend while in Ukraine in May 2016. The collaborative effort of this painting is extraordinary. These children have several different physical disabilities as well as developmental disabilities. They were able to show exhibition goers that the Lord has given them gifts, just as He has given “normal” individuals gifts. This let the many that attended the exhibition see that these children have dreams and talents, and can, if given the opportunity, to live a productive life.

To be able to continue this progress Alpha & Omega is making, they will need ongoing support from us.

Here are just a few of the tangible ways your donation will help, along with prayer.

  1. Summer camps – $200 per orphan. Alpha & Omega has been taking sponsored orphans to a summer camp for many years. It is only recently that they have been able to take a couple of special needs orphans to a camp.
  2. Monthly visits – $100. Each month, Alpha & Omega visits the special needs orphanage. The orphanage is state run and there are many needs. This money will provide personal hygiene items to include diapers, underwear etc. Also, small gift items.
  3. Special gifts – $10 per child. This will cover birthday gifts and also for holidays. There are on average 70 to 80 children in the orphanage at a time.
  4. Special lessons – $16 to $20. This can support a tutor for language, music, biology or for a class to teach job skills. Each class can be 4 to 5 students.

If you choose to donate to a specific need, when you go to the donate page (found here) you can specify in the memo line where you would like your gift to be directed.

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